Interface Detection Algorithm


Background :

The cost of developing a new drug can reach $1B or more and the process can consume greater than 10 years. A major impediment to drug (and vaccine) discovery is to understand the molecular interactions between proteins involved in therapeutic and immunological targets. Current approaches to finding biological binding partners in drug discovery include lengthy biochemical screening procedures. Our approach, using computational docking runs and our own, proven successful, proprietary scoring algorithm constitutes a successful Interface Detection Algorithm and it can be used to find biological partners quickly and efficiently.

UNR seeks commercial partners interested in accurately accelerating their drug and/or vaccine development process through use of its novel computational algorithm.

Benefits & Advantages:

  • Identifies and excludes incorrect, non-biological structures

  • Eliminates hundreds of incorrect possibilities

  • Greatly speeds up the drug discovery process

  • Compatible with existing docking programs

Technology Overview:

A key driver of this technology is the identification of incorrect, non-biological structures. Identifying these structures allows a more timely and accurate modeling of the protein-protein binding. Validation testing via the CAPRI challenge found the correct protein structures 100% of the time. It was also shown to correctly exclude 98.2% of the incorrect structures identified by docking programs and only failed to exclude false structures less than 1% of the time. The results were labeled as "high quality." This advance opens up new opportunities for the drug discovery process. For the first time, computational docking combined with Dr. Facemyer’s Interface Detection Algorithm is a highly useful tool for finding the structure of protein complexes in organisms. Knowledge of these structure complexes and identification of protein binding partners will provide critical insights into mechanisms for resistance and susceptibility to therapeutic treatments and offer new paths for vaccine and/or drug development.

Intellectual Property:

UNR ID#: UNR08-016

Title: Interface Detection Algorithm

Patent Pending

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Dan Langford
Technology Commercialization, Manager
University of Nevada, Reno and Desert Research Institute
Kevin Facemyer