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Internet of Things (IOT) Soil Moisture Sensor
BackgroundSoil moisture is that controls many biophysical processes important to personal and industrial applications. Maintenance of proper soil moisture levels is important as moisture levels can vary significantly over short distances and timespans. It is often necessary on a farm field or a garden to monitor soil moisture simultaneously at multiple...
Published: 4/23/2020   |   Updated: 10/2/2018   |   Inventor(s): Sayjro Nouwakpo
Category(s): Electronics, Sensors & Photonics, Environment & Sustainability
Reversible Luminescent Vapochromic Sensors Through Modulation of Metal-Metal Interactions
Background:Vapochromic materials suitable for sensing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by the alteration of auro- and metallophilic attractions have attracted considerable attention. The mechanism associated with the vapochromic response typically involves reversible rearrangements catalyzed by solvent vapor or interstitial solvation of transition...
Published: 7/3/2018   |   Updated: 7/3/2018   |   Inventor(s): Vincent Catalano, Christoph Strasser
Category(s): Materials, Electronics, Sensors & Photonics
Input Method for Mobile Virtual Reality Headsets
BackgroundMobile VR platforms (standalone or smartphone VR adapters) have a large potential to bring virtual reality to the masses due to their low cost. Input options of mobile VR platforms however are often limited to controller input or input using headtracking. Building immersive experiences using limited interaction options is a challenge. Navigation...
Published: 4/21/2020   |   Updated: 6/29/2018   |   Inventor(s): Eelke Folmer, Samuel Tregillus
Category(s): Electronics, Sensors & Photonics
Superadiabatic Radiant Burner (SRB)
Background: With the ever-growing issues of energy security and climate change, the porous burner is a solution to these problems, because of its high-efficiency and low-emission combustion. Porous burners are an upcoming technology using internal heat recirculation which allows for the usage of alternative and renewable fuels. With the popularization...
Published: 4/2/2018   |   Updated: 4/2/2018   |   Inventor(s): Chanwoo Park, Massoud Kaviany
Category(s): Engineering & Manufacturing, Electronics, Sensors & Photonics, Food & Drink, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Environment & Sustainability
Methods for Fast and Reversible Dry Adhesion Tuning Between Composite Structures and Substrate Fields
Background: How do geckoes and even Spiderman climb up walls? They use a process call dry adhesion. This process is not only useful for climbing walls but also has potential applications in robotics such as pick-and-release robotic manipulators and climbing robots. Further, it is also useful in manufacturing for transfer printing, as well as temporary...
Published: 4/2/2018   |   Updated: 1/11/2018   |   Inventor(s): Wanliang Shan, Kevin Turner
Category(s): Electronics, Sensors & Photonics, Robotics
A Multiprocessor Automotive Electronic Control Unit
Background: The Automotive Electronic Control Unit (AECU) market for 2016 was estimated to be around 34 billion. It is estimated to reach 56 billion by 2024. AECU are embedded electrical systems that are responsible for monitoring and controlling all aspects of a transportation vehicles operation. However, the electrical systems in modern cars are susceptible...
Published: 4/2/2018   |   Updated: 1/11/2018   |   Inventor(s): Arslan Munir, Bikash Poudel
Category(s): Electronics, Sensors & Photonics, Aerospace, Aviation & Transport
Methods of Fabricating Multi-degree of Freedom Shaped Electroactive Polymer Actuators/Sensors for Catheters
Background: Up until now there has been no good way to make selective electrodes that can be guided in multiple directions. We have created a prototype model of micro catheter with active guide wire which has two bending degrees of freedom. Such electrodes could be useful in the placement of medical devices such as catheters.Technology: Researchers...
Published: 4/2/2018   |   Updated: 12/27/2017   |   Inventor(s): Kwang Kim, Seong Jun Kim, Johnson Wong
Category(s): Electronics, Sensors & Photonics
A method of controlling their self-assembly and three families of lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals with broad application
The most familiar liquid crystals (LC) are found in the electronic display of mobile devices and computers. LC’s are both a material and a state of matter. This opportunity is protected by 4 issued patents. 3 patents protect 3 families of lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals (LCLC) which have their own individual characteristics and applications....
Published: 12/27/2017   |   Updated: 7/18/2014   |   Inventor(s): Travis Carson, Sean Casey, Isaac Iverson, Wonewoo Seo, SuK-Wah TaM-Chang
Category(s): Chemical, Construction & Built Environment, Electronics, Sensors & Photonics, Energy & Renewables, Engineering & Manufacturing, Environment & Sustainability, Food & Drink, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Materials, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Aviation & Transport
Low Cost, Efficient Dual Signal Amplification for Bioassays
The Integrated Bio-Analytical Systems Laboratory (IBASL), led by Dr. Xiaoshan Zhu, within the University of Nevada, Reno Engineering Department focuses on multi-modality bioimaging and signal amplification for biosensing. Dr. Xiaoshan Zhu has developed a dual signal amplification technique for bioassays using Zinc Sulfide nanoparticles. Technology...
Published: 5/11/2020   |   Updated: 7/12/2013   |   Inventor(s): Xiaoshan Zhu, Chad Cowles
Category(s): Environment & Sustainability, Electronics, Sensors & Photonics, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences
Two-Dimensional Membrane and Polymers
The King Research Group, led by Benjamin King, at the University of Nevada, Reno Chemistry Department is interested in the chemistry of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS), liquid crystals, and advanced polymers. The group takes a physical organic approach involving methods from synthetic, mechanistic, computation, theoretical, polymer, and organometallic...
Published: 12/27/2017   |   Updated: 6/27/2013   |   Inventor(s): Benjamin King, A. Dieter Schluter, Junji Sakamoto
Category(s): Environment & Sustainability, Chemical, Electronics, Sensors & Photonics, Energy & Renewables, Engineering & Manufacturing, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Information & Communication Technologies, Life Sciences, Materials, Nanotechnology, Aerospace, Aviation & Transport
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