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Reversible Luminescent Vapochromic Sensors Through Modulation of Metal-Metal Interactions
Background:Vapochromic materials suitable for sensing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by the alteration of auro- and metallophilic attractions have attracted considerable attention. The mechanism associated with the vapochromic response typically involves reversible rearrangements catalyzed by solvent vapor or interstitial solvation of transition...
Published: 7/3/2018   |   Inventor(s): Vincent Catalano, Christoph Strasser
Category(s): Materials, Electronics, Sensors & Photonics
One-Pot Strategy For Coupling Chalcogenides With 1D Oxides
BackgroundMaterials used in solar-driven applications such as photovoltaics, solar-fuel generation, pollutant remediation, and other photocatalytic processes are evolving, increasingly multifunctional, and complex. Many are researching new ways to capture solar-light and utilize its charge in a proficient manner. The intimate coupling of low bandg...
Published: 6/26/2018   |   Inventor(s): Vaidyanathan (ravi) Subramanian, Satyajit Gupta, Pawan Pathak
Category(s): Materials
Method and Apparatus for Cooling Devices Using Phase Change Materials
BackgroundSmall form factor devices such as smartphones and tablets may be thermally constrained by external skin temperature ergonomic limits and by internal component junction temperatures. The combined effect of making the device thinner and increasing performance exasperates the thermal problem, such that the external skin temperature is a prim...
Published: 6/25/2018   |   Inventor(s): Dhanesh Chandra, Daryl Nelson, Muralidhar Tirumala, Anupam Kumar, Anjali Talekar
Category(s): Materials
Bioceramic Coated Implants
Background: Medical implants are vital in many lives because they replace missing body parts and the functions that come along with them. To avoid rejection by the host, the implants must be composed or coated in bioceramic materials. Many of the current methods to achieve this have several disadvantages, such as, micro-cracks, phase changes due t...
Published: 3/30/2018   |   Inventor(s): Krishnan Raja, Shantanu Namjoshi, Manoranjan Misra, Kamrakali Paramguru, Archana Kar
Category(s): Engineering & Manufacturing, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Materials, Life Sciences, Nanotechnology
Redox switches for chemical detection, extraction, purification, catalysis, and data and energy storage
University of Nevada, Reno researchers Dr. Masahiro Muraoka, Dr. Stephen L. Gillett (Mackay School of Mines), and Dr. Thomas W. Bell (Department of Chemistry) have developed a redox-switchable material technology comprised of a redox-active material connected by adsorption and/or chemical bonding to a semiconductor. Technology Summary Redox-switcha...
Published: 9/23/2014   |   Inventor(s): Stephen Gillett, Thomas Bell, Masahiro Muraoka
Category(s): Chemical, Electronics, Sensors & Photonics, Energy & Renewables, Environment & Sustainability, Life Sciences, Materials, Physical Sciences
A method of controlling their self-assembly and three families of lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals with broad application
The most familiar liquid crystals (LC) are found in the electronic display of mobile devices and computers. LC’s are both a material and a state of matter. This opportunity is protected by 4 issued patents. 3 patents protect 3 families of lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals (LCLC) which have their own individual characteristics and applicatio...
Published: 7/18/2014   |   Inventor(s): Travis Carson, Sean Casey, Isaac Iverson, Wonewoo Seo, SuK-Wah TaM-Chang
Category(s): Chemical, Construction & Built Environment, Electronics, Sensors & Photonics, Energy & Renewables, Engineering & Manufacturing, Environment & Sustainability, Food & Drink, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Materials, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Aviation & Transport
Passive acoustic monitoring and diagnosis of combustion chamber characteristics enabling real time optimization of engine performance.
The research team of William Norris, John A. Kleppe, and Dana R. McPherson of University of Nevada, Reno, has developed a method for determining the internal performance characteristics of an engine during operation. Acoustic-vibrational frequencies emanating from a running engine are detected and compared to frequencies representing known operatin...
Published: 12/19/2013   |   Inventor(s): William Norris, John Kleppe, Dana Mcpherson
Category(s): Electronics, Sensors & Photonics, Energy & Renewables, Engineering & Manufacturing, Materials, Aerospace, Aviation & Transport
Two-Dimensional Membrane and Polymers
The King Research Group, led by Benjamin King, at the University of Nevada, Reno Chemistry Department is interested in the chemistry of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS), liquid crystals, and advanced polymers. The group takes a physical organic approach involving methods from synthetic, mechanistic, computation, theoretical, polymer, and org...
Published: 6/27/2013   |   Inventor(s): Benjamin King, A. Dieter Schluter, Junji Sakamoto
Category(s): Environment & Sustainability, Chemical, Electronics, Sensors & Photonics, Energy & Renewables, Engineering & Manufacturing, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Information & Communication Technologies, Life Sciences, Materials, Nanotechnology, Aerospace, Aviation & Transport
Light-Driven Rotary Molecular Motor
University of Nevada, Reno researchers, Joseph Cline and Thomas Bell, of the Department of Chemistry study the dynamics of small molecules that can be synthesized in two mirror-image forms, and have synthesized molecular-scale motors and actuators. Technology Summary Due to their proven operations and energy efficiency, biomolecular motors have em...
Published: 6/21/2013   |   Inventor(s): Thomas Bell, Joseph Cline, Christine Cremo, Stephen Gillett, John Frederick
Keywords(s): Renewable Energy
Category(s): Chemical, Electronics, Sensors & Photonics, Energy & Renewables, Engineering & Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Materials, Nanotechnology, Physical Sciences, Environment & Sustainability, Aerospace, Aviation & Transport
High Power-Density Plane-Surface Heating Element
Conventional flat-plate heating elements consist of a resistive element that is encapsulated in electrical insulation. With application of electrical power, current flows in the resistive element, generating heat. The resistive element temperature rises and heat is conducted across the insulation. At high power-density, the low thermal conducta...
Published: 7/24/2012   |   Inventor(s): Richard Wirtz, Sean Penley
Category(s): Electronics, Sensors & Photonics, Energy & Renewables, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Materials, Physical Sciences, Renewable Energy, Aerospace, Aviation & Transport