Engineered Tissue Succulence in Plants

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This is a novel technology to increase tissue succulence in plants using genetic engineering. Tissue succulence is an important plant trait that improves the drought attenuation of plants, improves salinity tolerance, and optimizes the performance of crassulacean acid metabolism. In an age with pressing need to increase food production and drought tolerance in plants, this technology is vitally important. The increase in tissue succulence in the plants was accompanied by a 4.2-fold increase in plant leaf fresh weight, a 2.3-fold increase in leaf dry weight, a 1.7-fold increase in leaf thickness, up to a 1.8-fold increase in leaf succulence, and up to a 0.3-fold reduction in intracellular air space. Additionally, this method increases seed production by plants.



The genetic engineering of tissue succulence was developed using the overexpression of a modified helixloop- helix transcription factor from a wine grape.



  • Plants have greater arid environment tolerance
  • Plants retain and store water better
  • Enhances the ability of plants to perform crassulacean acid metabolism
  • Increased seed production in plants








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