Nanostructure Boride Materials Manufacturing

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Boride compounds have proven to be essential for myriad applications such as reinforcing phases in metal–matrix composites and armor materials. Using a process of Combustion Synthesis, Boron can also be combined with metal to create Lanthanum hexaboride.



Dr. Graeve's technology details the manufacture of lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) and similar hexaboride powders. These finely dispersed hexaboride particles prove superior for use in manufacturing since they are highly unagglomerated. The manufacturing technology for hexaborides in this patent application are less expensive than other manufacturing methods and has many potential market applications including high temperature ceramics and energy efficient windows. The fine dispersion of this material in ceramics will help avoid the incidence of cracking and the spread of cracks in high heat applications such as turbine engines. Windows can be made to be much more energy efficient. LaB6 blocks infrared light through windows, keeping homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer while not affecting visible light. Applications also include solar voltaic cells.



UNR’s lanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) nanoparticle manufacturing uses less expensive starting materials resulting in lower cost to the end product. Current LaB6 products on the market, including lanthanum nanocrystalline, have physical limitations leading to a reduced quality, including the potential to become highly agglomerated.

The oxidation resistance has been shown to be greatly enhanced by the addition of lanthanum hexaboride in ultra-high temperature ceramics. The use of other hexaborides for enhancing oxidation resistance can result in ceramic composites that can function at higher temperatures. This is of benefit in the aerospace industry, which is continuously striving to use higher-temperature ceramics in engine components.



Patent: 8557208




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